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Blade Ploughs - Heavy Duty

3050 x 1200 Steel3050 x 900 Steel5 Stud HS WheelDIN Mount & Power Angling Option

Strength and longevity of service have been the design objectives for the Heavy Duty range of Cuthbertson snowploughs since their inception. Our 3050mm wide Heavy Duty Straight Blade Snowplough is available in 840mm, 900mm and 1200mm heights and all ‘ploughs in the range are available with steel or polymer breast plates mounted on a steel skeleton giving the ‘plough its strength and rigidity. Reversible rubbers mounted on spring back plates, to provide relief in the event of the ‘plough catching a raised obstacle like a drain cover, are offered as standard and are available in either 25mm or 50mm thicknesses.

Standard Heavy Duty Specification Includes:-

  • All steel or steel skeleton c/w polymer breast plate construction.
  • Top and bottom ‘Y’ brackets to suit WM1A fitting.
  • Long stay bar for adjustment to allow left or right snow shedding.
  • Spring mounted galvanised carrier plate.
  • Fully galvanised wear edge clamp strip.
  • 200 × 25mm section rubber edges. (840mm & 900mm high)
  • 200 × 50mm section rubber edges. (1,200mm high)
  • Screw adjustable castor assembles fitted with HD 5 stud hubs
  • 400 × 4 × 8 ply foam filled tyres to allow high speed ‘ploughing (35mph).
  • Galvanised blade support legs.

Options include:-

  • Din (N° 3 or N°5) – WM1A Interface complete with D.A. ram.
  • 3 stage, marine specification power angle rams to allow remote left/right slewing.
  • Anti-spray curved top extension.
  • Edge marker poles.

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