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Health + Safety Policy

At Cuthbertsons we take the health and safety of our staff very seriously. Our policy is outlined below:

Health and Safety Policy Statement

The company recognises that the controlling of risks to the Health and Safety of all employees, and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including sub-contractors and members of the public, is of paramount importance.

In order to achieve this, the company will provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, the following resources:-

Establish an organisation reflecting the management structure with noted responsibilities for effectively managing Health and Safety. Persons concerned will, when necessary, be given training necessary for them to effectively carry out their duties.

The Organisation for Safety is detailed in Part Two of the Policy document. This section describes the management and employee responsibilities for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the policy objectives are achieved.

The arrangements for Health and Safety are detailed in Part Three of the Policy document. This section refers to the company control measures for adequately controlling risks, including current rules and procedures for Safety. The company are committed to providing, so far as is reasonably practicable, the resources necessary, both financial and physical, for implementing this part of the policy.

The company recognise that the monitoring and measuring of Health and Safety arrangements are necessary communication channels will be established for this purpose. The company have recognised the need for competent Health and Safety advice and, to this end, have employed a Health and Safety Consultancy to fulfil this function.

The company cannot stress too strongly that the policy objective can only be achieved with the full co-operation of all employees, and that non-co-operation and/or deliberate disregard for Health and Safety arrangements will be viewed most seriously and invoke the company’s disciplinary procedures.

In addition to the pain and suffering caused by accidents, and in certain cases death, the company is also aware of avoidable loss of production and company assets leading to a reduction in financial well-being – to the detriment of all employees.

We all have our part to play in avoiding accidents and we will only succeed if every one of us meets our individual responsibilities. A copy of this statement will be brought to the attention of each employee with the full statement, including Parts Two and Three, being displayed at each company location.

Part 2 - Organisation for Health and Safety

1. Management Responsibilities
The ultimate responsibility for safety rests with the highest level of management. However, Health and Safety duties are delegated to all levels of management, identifying individuals with particular responsibilities within their sphere of management control.

2. Employees Responsibilities

All of our employees, irrespective of position or job description, have duties under Section 7 and 8 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

We all have legal responsibility:-

  • To take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of ourselves and not to take
    any action, or fail to carry out an action, that may pose a risk to the Health and
    Safety of others.
  • To co-operate with others so that Health and Safety legal requirements are
    complied with.
  • Not to interfere with, or misuse, intentionally or recklessly, anything provided in the interests of Health and Safety and put into place for the purpose of complying with Health and Safety Legislation.

3. Management Control Responsibilities

3.1 Managing Director

Having responsibilities for ensuring:

  • The commitments and objectives set out in the company policy document
    statement are, communicated to all employees and that management with Health
    and Safety responsibilities fully understand the objectives and the part they must
    play if they are to be achieved.
  • That a Company Director or Senior Manager is appointed for coordinating Health and Safety matters.
  • That responsibilities for Health and Safety are allocated to the appropriate levels within the company.
  • Arrangements are made for adequate financial provision and other resources
    necessary to meet Health and Safety requirements.
  • The workshop is planned and laid out, so as to facilitate safe working practices.
  • Health and Safety training needs are identified and an implementation programme is put in place.
  • A management Health and Safety Committee is operational, providing a forum
    and communication channel for the discussion of Health and Safety matters.
  • A system allocating personal monitoring duties for Health and Safety arrangements is put in place.
  • Appropriate appointments are made, as required, by any Health and Safety
  • A competent person, or persons, is appointed to advise the company on Health
    and Safety matters.

3.2 General Manager

Having responsibilities for ensuring:

  • All persons under your control have had communicated to them, the
    commitments and objectives outlined in the Company Policy document statement and the part they have to play in achieving them.
  • The supervisory management under your control, have had explained to them,
    and that they fully understand, their personal responsibilities for Health and
    Safety matters.
  • As the appointed person for coordinating Health and Safety matters you assist
    the Managing Director in his duties, and discuss with him, on a regular basis,
    Health and Safety matters.
  • You contribute to, and oversee, the training programme established for persons under your control, and in particular any persons who may have specific Health and Safety duties.
  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out, covering all operations
    and that, inclusive of current and outstanding control measures they are all
    formally recorded.
  • Personal Health and Safety monitoring duties, and those of management under
    your control are adequately carried out.
  • You bring to the attention of the Managing Director, the financial and other
    resources necessary for effectively managing the Health and Safety of all
    operations under your control.
  • The company safety advisor carries out audit inspections at agreed intervals at
    locations under your control and that his written reports and recommendations
    are made promptly.
  • Discussions are held on a regular basis with the company safety advisor, and in particular following receipt of audit inspection reports.
  • The rules and procedures referred to in Part 3 of the Safety Policy are being
    progressively formulated and implemented.
  • Sub-contractors are aware of Company safety rules and confine themselves to
    the area of the premises necessary for their work.

3.3 Workshop Director

Having responsibility for ensuring that:

  • Safety matters raised by employees are investigated and, where found
    necessary, effective action taken.
  • Suitable risk assessments are carried out, and to this end cooperating, with
    company safety advisor who will assist and oversee production of such
  • Joint safety inspections and subsequent Safety Committee Meetings take place
    at the agreed frequency.
  • Members of the Health and Safety Executive are accompanied during their visits.
  • Ensure that new employees, particularly young entrants, are safely inducted.
  • Plant, equipment and materials are adequate for the job in hand and that
    procedures necessary for their safe use are carried out.
  • Company rules and procedures for Health and Safety are understood by the
    workforce and to immediately act on any breach of safety rules.
  • Enforcement of any company disciplinary procedures in respect of relevant
    breaches of safety procedures, policies, or practices are carried out.
  • Workshop equipment is being used safely and that all guards and protective
    devises are in place and working correctly.
  • Monitoring that all employees are wearing, and/or using personal protective
    equipment correctly.

3.4 Safety Advisor

Having responsibilities as follows:

  • To carry out audit inspections at company premises at agreed frequencies.
  • To provide a written report following inspection, detailing advice, so that any
    Health and Safety omissions, or concerns, can be effectively remedied.
  • To provide an unlimited access advisory service to appropriate members of
  • By arrangement, carry out investigation of accidents and assist/liaise with the
    Health and Safety Executive or any other enforcing authorities.
  • To provide updating on Health and Safety control measures and notify the
    company of changes to, or introduction of, new legislation that may be relevant to the company.

3.5 All Employees

The following responsibilities are in addition to any specific to your current position:

  • Read, understand and obey company safety rules and procedures.
  • Work in accordance with safety instructions or method statements given to you
    by your supervisor
  • Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment required by the job in hand.
  • Set a good personal example in safety matters and in particular encourage new
    employees and young persons.
  • Report immediately all incidents which could result in injury or damage to plant and equipment.
  • Keep tools and equipment in good condition and never use improvised tools.
  • Take care of equipment issued to you and refrain from horseplay and abuse of
    Welfare facilities.
  • Report any personal injury and ensure that an entry is made in the Accident

There is a legal requirement on all employees at work that, essentially, says that they have to take reasonable care of their own Health and Safety and not to carry out anything that could pose a risk to the Health and Safety of other employees or fail to carry out an act or procedure that again can pose a risk to the Health and Safety of other employees. In addition there is a requirement not to, intentionally or recklessly, interfere or misuse anything provided in respect of
the company complying with Health and Safety legislation. It is extremely important to note that persons found guilty of an offence, in respect of these matters, can be fined up to £2,000.00 and, in certain circumstances, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

Part 3 - Arrangements for Health and Safety

Detailed arrangements comprising written rules and procedures are in the course of being formulated and will be contained in the Company Health and Safety Manual. Copies of this manual, which is constantly under review, will be presented to relevant management.

The company is aware that metal machining and fabrication has well established hazards and attendant risks. Following detailed risk assessments the control measures, necessary to reduce the risks to as low a level as reasonably practicable, will be formalized in writing and will, in effect, be the rules and procedures referred to in respect of the Company Health and Safety document.
The control measures will set out and illustrate how we comply with the requirements of existing legislation, particularly to the hazards being addressed.
Significant hazards addressed will include the non-exhaustive following list:

  • Noise
  • Substance hazardous to health
  • Electricity
  • Machinery with dangerous moving parts
  • Fire
  • Manual handling
  • Working at height
  • Lifting operations
  • Pedestrian activities
  • Forklift activity
  • Vehicle movements
  • Welding operations

The arrangements cover persons not in the company employ, for example sub-contractors and members of the public, where they are, or may be, affected by our operations. The Company will establish, at the factory, a joint safety inspection team and safety committee, who will monitor that effective control measures are in place.

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