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3 Point Linkage Spreaders - Hydraulic Drive

2m 3 Point linkage Gritter1m 3 Point Linkage Gritter1.5m 3 Point Linkage Gritter Tractor Mounted1.5m 3 Point Linkage Spreader

The Cuthbertson 3 point linkage tractor gritter can offer a solution for numerous “problem areas”. When it’s not practical to send a 6m³ gritter into an estate or when the towed gritter behind a tractor is the on a hill and is either pulling the tractor back going up or trying to get in front going down, the 3 point tractor gritter comes into its own. By putting the weight onto the back wheels of the tractor the traction is increased. Another benefit of mounting the gritter on the tractor is that the manoeuvrability is improved dramatically.

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