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Vee Ploughs

Agricultural Vee Plough Hi-Lift

When Mother Nature throws her worst at us, the conditions dictate that the product to use is the Vee plough. Cuthbersons’ offer a full range of both fixed and straight Vee designs. The straight Vee really is your flexible friend allowing both straight blade and Vee plough functions. The fixed Vee range covers from a 2.26m wide agricultural Vee to the 2.286m (7’6”) high Hi-lift. With this portfolio Cuthbertsons’ can ensure every eventuality is covered.

Blade Ploughs

Blade Plough 1 Blade Plough 2

The Cuthbertson range of snowploughs covers from 4×4 or small tractor ‘plough of approx 1.2m wide by 600mm high through 600mm high x 2.1m to 3m wide slush blades used on 5½ or 6½ tonne pick-ups to 10’ (3050mm) ‘ploughs available in a range of sizes, 600mm, 750mm, 840mm, 900mm and 1,200mm used on 15, 18 and 26 tonne vehicles and end with the airfields range of ‘ploughs measuring in at 900mm high x 5m or 6m wide. All sizes being available in steel or polymer and incorporate either 360° castors or high speed hubs and foam filled wheels to allow high speed operation. Whatever your needs there is a straight blade in the Cuthbertson catalogue to satisfy your requirement.

Snow Blowers

3 Point Linkage Mount 1085RM 3 Point Linkage Mount 1085RM

Erskine™ Snow Blowers have been proven for over 50 years by people who need to move snow fast after every snowfall or blizzard. This tough, dependable blower is built to go day after day and features quick mount and dismount along with trouble-free chute rotation in all conditions. We offer several different widths from 60” to 108” and all the FM ‘blowers include hydraulic lift and chute rotation, bolt-on cutting edge, and adjustable skid shoes.

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